Khronos Data Format Specification

Andrew Garrard

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Overview
3. Required concepts not contained in this format
4. Translation to API-specific data format representations
5. Data format descriptor
6. Descriptor block
7. Khronos Basic Data Format Descriptor Block
7.1. vendorId
7.2. descriptorType
7.3. versionNumber
7.4. descriptorBlockSize
7.5. colorModel
7.6. colorModel for compressed formats
7.7. colorPrimaries
7.8. transferFunction
7.9. flags
7.10. texelBlockDimension[0..3]
7.11. bytesPlane[0..7]
7.12. Sample information
8. Extension for more complex formats
9. Frequently Asked Questions
9.1. Why have a binary format rather than a human-readable one?
9.2. Why not use an existing representation such as those on
9.3. Why have a descriptive format?
9.4. Why describe this standard within Khronos?
9.5. Why should I use this format if I don’t need most of the fields?
9.6. Why not expand each field out to be integer for ease of decoding?
9.7. Can this descriptor be used for text content?
10. External references
10.1. Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression
10.2. ITU-T BT.601 specification for digital television
10.3. ITU-T BT.709 specification for HDTV
10.4. ITU-T BT.2020 specification for UHDTV
10.5. CIE 1931 XYZ tristimulus values
10.6. Academy Color Encoding System
10.7. sRGB specification
11. Example format descriptors


This document describes a data format specification for non-opaque (user-visible) representations of user data to be used by, and shared between, Khronos standards. The intent of this specification is to avoid replication of incompatible format descriptions between standards and to provide a definitive mechanism for describing data that avoids excluding useful information that may be ignored by other standards. Other APIs are expected to map internal formats to this standard scheme, allowing formats to be shared and compared.