eglCopyBuffers — copy EGL surface color buffer to a native pixmap

C Specification

EGLBoolean eglCopyBuffers( EGLDisplay display,
  EGLSurface surface,
  NativePixmapType native_pixmap);



Specifies the EGL display connection.


Specifies the EGL surface whose color buffer is to be copied.


Specifies the native pixmap as target of the copy.


eglCopyBuffers copies the color buffer of surface to native_pixmap.

eglCopyBuffers performs an implicit glFlush before it returns. Subsequent GL commands may be issued immediately after calling eglCopyBuffers, but are not executed until copying of the color buffer is completed.


The color buffer of surface is left unchanged after calling eglCopyBuffers.


EGL_FALSE is returned if swapping of the surface buffers fails, EGL_TRUE otherwise.

EGL_BAD_DISPLAY is generated if display is not an EGL display connection.

EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED is generated if display has not been initialized.

EGL_BAD_SURFACE is generated if surface is not an EGL drawing surface.

EGL_BAD_NATIVE_PIXMAP is generated if the implementation does not support native pixmaps.

EGL_BAD_NATIVE_PIXMAP may be generated if native_pixmap is not a valid native pixmap.

EGL_BAD_MATCH is generated if the format of native_pixmap is not compatible with the color buffer of surface.

EGL_CONTEXT_LOST is generated if a power management event has occurred. The application must destroy all contexts and reinitialise OpenGL ES state and objects to continue rendering.