eglDestroySurface — destroy an EGL surface

C Specification

EGLBoolean eglDestroySurface( EGLDisplay display,
  EGLSurface surface);



Specifies the EGL display connection.


Specifies the EGL surface to be destroyed.


If the EGL surface surface is not current to any thread, eglDestroySurface destroys it immediately. Otherwise, surface is destroyed when it becomes not current to any thread. Furthermore, resources associated with a pbuffer surface are not released until all color buffers of that pbuffer bound to a texture object have been released.


EGL_FALSE is returned if destruction of the surface fails, EGL_TRUE otherwise.

EGL_BAD_DISPLAY is generated if display is not an EGL display connection.

EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED is generated if display has not been initialized.

EGL_BAD_SURFACE is generated if surface is not an EGL surface.