eglGetConfigs — return a list of all EGL frame buffer configurations for a display

C Specification

EGLBoolean eglGetConfigs( EGLDisplay display,
  EGLConfig * configs,
  EGLint config_size,
  EGLint * num_config);



Specifies the EGL display connection.


Returns a list of configs.


Specifies the size of the list of configs.


Returns the number of configs returned.


eglGetConfigs returns a list of all EGL frame buffer configurations that are available for the specified display. The items in the list can be used in any EGL function that requires an EGL frame buffer configuration.

configs does not return values, if it is specified as NULL. This is useful for querying just the number of all frame buffer configurations.

Use eglGetConfigAttrib to retrieve individual attribute values of a frame buffer configuration.


EGL_FALSE is returned on failure, EGL_TRUE otherwise. configs and num_config are not modified when EGL_FALSE is returned.

EGL_BAD_DISPLAY is generated if display is not an EGL display connection.

EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED is generated if display has not been initialized.

EGL_BAD_PARAMETER is generated if num_config is NULL.