eglGetCurrentDisplay — return the display for the current EGL rendering context

C Specification

EGLDisplay eglGetCurrentDisplay( void);  


eglGetCurrentDisplay returns the current EGL display connection for the current EGL rendering context, as specified by eglMakeCurrent. If no context is current, EGL_NO_DISPLAY is returned.


Passing EGL_NO_DISPLAY to any command taking an EGLDisplay parameter will generate either an EGL_BAD_DISPLAY error if the EGL implementation validates EGLDisplay handles, or undefined behavior as described at the end of section 3.1 of the EGL 1.5 Specification. The only exception to this rule is that eglQueryString will accept an EGLDisplay parameter of EGL_NO_DISPLAY when querying the client extension string (see section 3.3 of the EGL 1.5 Specification).