eglGetDisplay — return an EGL display connection

C Specification

EGLDisplay eglGetDisplay( NativeDisplayType native_display);



Specifies the display to connect to. EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY indicates the default display.


eglGetDisplay obtains the EGL display connection for the native display native_display.

The behavior of eglGetDisplay is similar to that of eglGetPlatformDisplay, but is specified in terms of implementation-specific behavior rather than platform-specific extensions. As for eglGetPlatformDisplay, EGL considers the returned EGLDisplay as belonging to the same platform as display_id. However, the set of platforms to which display_id is permitted to belong, as well as the actual type of display_id, are implementation-specific. If display_id is EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY, a default display is returned. Multiple calls made to eglGetDisplay with the same display_id will return the same EGLDisplay handle.

If display_id is EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY, a default display connection is returned.

If no display connection matching native_display is available, EGL_NO_DISPLAY is returned. No error is generated.

Use eglInitialize to initialize the display connection.