eglSwapInterval — specifies the minimum number of video frame periods per buffer swap for the window associated with the current context.

C Specification

EGLBoolean eglSwapInterval( EGLDisplay display,
  EGLint interval);



Specifies the EGL display connection.


Specifies the minimum number of video frames that are displayed before a buffer swap will occur.


The interval takes effect when eglSwapBuffers is first called subsequent to the eglSwapInterval call.

The interval specified by the function applies to the draw surface bound to the context that is current on the calling thread.

If interval is set to a value of 0, buffer swaps are not synchronized to a video frame, and the swap happens as soon as the render is complete. interval is silently clamped to minimum and maximum implementation dependent valuesbefore being stored; these values are defined by EGLConfig attributes EGL_MIN_SWAP_INTERVAL and EGL_MAX_SWAP_INTERVAL respectively.


The swap interval has no effect on eglCopyBuffers.

The default swap interval is 1.


EGL_FALSE is returned on failure, EGL_TRUE otherwise.

EGL_BAD_CONTEXT is generated if there is no current context on the calling thread.

EGL_BAD_SURFACE is generated if there is no surface bound to the current context.

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