Khronos KTX Registry

The KTX registry contains specifications of the core file format and registered Khronos- and vendor-approved extensions adding supercompression schemes and metadata keys. Vendors are strongly encouraged to register schemes and keys to avoid conflicts. Registration is done through the KTX-Specification source repository on GitHub. See Registering Extensions in the KTX specification.

There is currently no header file or other canonical machine readable description for either KTX v1 or v2.

Implementers of readers and writers may find the following useful:

KTX File Format Specifications

The current version of KTX is KTX v2.0.

KTX Fragment URI Specification

The KTX Fragment URI specification describes the syntax for constructing URIs to address fragments of a KTX v2 file.

Technical Notes and White Papers

See the KTX Home Page for information about KTX and guides to using it.