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Kevin Petit, Arm Ltd.
Sven Van Haastregt, Arm Ltd.
Anastasia Stulova, Arm Ltd.
Marco Antognini, Arm Ltd.
Neil Hickey, Arm Ltd.
Alastair Murray, Codeplay


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Built On: 2021-10-29
Version: 1.0.0


This extension is written against the OpenCL Specification Version 3.0.3.

This extension requires OpenCL 3.0 with OpenCL C 2.0 support or OpenCL 2.x and cl_khr_extended_versioning.


This extension adds support for building programs written using the C++ for OpenCL kernel language documented in the OpenCL-Docs repository ( with stable versions published in releases of the repository.

This extension also enables applications to query the version of the language supported by the device compiler.

New build option

This extension adds support for a new CLC++ value to be passed to the -cl-std build option accepted by clBuildProgram and clCompileProgram.

New API Enums

Accepted value for the param_name parameter to clGetDeviceInfo:


Preprocessor Macros

This extension defines a new language, instead of extending an existing language. As such, there will be no preprocessor #define matching the extension name string. Instead, dedicated preprocessor macros conveying language version information are available as described in the C++ for OpenCL Programming Language Documentation, section "Predefined macros".

Modifications to the OpenCL API Specification

(Modify Section 4.2, Querying Devices)
(Add the following to Table 4.3, Device Queries)
cl_device_info Return Type Description



Returns the version of the C++ for OpenCL language supported by the device compiler.

(Modify Section 5.8.1, Creating Program Objects)

Add the following text to the description for clCreateProgramWithSource:

The source code specified by strings may also be a C++ for OpenCL program source or header.

(Modify section to 5.8.6, Compiler Options)
(Add subsection, C++ for OpenCL)

Applications may pass -cl-std=CLC++ to clCompileProgram and clBuildProgram for programs created using clCreateProgramFromSource to request the program be built as C++ for OpenCL.

Conformance tests

  1. Test that a program can successfully be compiled with -cl-std=CLC++.

  2. Test with a program compiled with -cl-std=CLC++ that the value of the __OPENCL_CPP_VERSION__ macro agrees with the version returned by CL_DEVICE_CXX_FOR_OPENCL_NUMERIC_VERSION_EXT.



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