Rotate bits left.

gentype rotate ( gentype v,
  gentype i)


For each element in v, the bits are shifted left by the number of bits given by the corresponding element in i. Bits shifted off the left side of the element are shifted back in from the right.


Built-in integer functions can be used to take scalar or vector arguments. We use the generic type name gentype to indicate that the function can take char, char{2|4|8|16}, uchar, uchar{2|4|8|16}, short, short{2|4|8|16}, ushort, ushort{2|4|8|16}, int, int{2|4|8|16}, uint, uint{2|4|8|16}, long, long{2|4|8|16}, ulong, or ulong{2|4|8|16} as the type for the arguments. We use the generic type name ugentype to refer to unsigned versions of gentype. For example, if gentype is char4, ugentype is uchar4.

For any specific use of a function, the actual type has to be the same for all arguments and the return type unless otherwise specified.


OpenCL Specification

Also see

Integer Functions

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