Assignments of values to variable names are done with the assignment operator (=), like

  • lvalue = expression

The assignment operator stores the value of expression into lvalue. The expression and lvalue must have the same type, or the expression must have a type in Built-in Scalar Data Types, in which case an implicit conversion will be done on the expression before the assignment is done.

If expression is a scalar type and lvalue is a vector type, the scalar is converted to the element type used by the vector operand. The scalar type is then widened to a vector that has the same number of components as the vector operand. The operation is done component-wise resulting in the same size vector.

Any other desired type-conversions must be specified explicitly. L-values must be writable. Variables that are built-in types, entire structures or arrays, structure fields, l-values with the field selector (.) applied to select components or swizzles without repeated fields, l-values within parentheses, and l-values dereferenced with the array subscript operator ([]) are all l-values. Other binary or unary expressions, function names, swizzles with repeated fields, and constants cannot be l-values. The ternary operator (?:) is also not allowed as an l-value.

The order of evaluation of the operands is unspecified. If an attempt is made to modify the result of an assignment operator or to access it after the next sequence point, the behavior is undefined. Other assignment operators are the assignments add into (+=), subtract from (-=), multiply into (=), divide into (/=), modulus into (%=), left shift by (<<=), right shift by (>>=), and into (&=), inclusive or into (|=), and exclusive or into (^=).

The expression

  • lvalue op = expression

is equivalent to

  • lvalue = lvalue op expression

and the lvalue and expression must satisfy the requirements for both operator op and assignment (=).

Except for the sizeof operator, the half data type cannot be used with any of the operators described in this section.

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