cl_int clIcdGetPlatformIDsKHR(cl_uint num_entries,
                              cl_platform_id *platforms,
                              cl_uint *num_platforms)


  • num_entries - The number of cl_platform_id entries that can be added to platforms. If platforms is not NULL, then num_entries must be greater than zero.

  • platforms - Returns a list of OpenCL platforms available for access through the Khronos ICD Loader. The cl_platform_id values returned in platforms are ICD compatible and can be used to identify a specific OpenCL platform. If platforms is NULL, then this argument is ignored. The number of OpenCL platforms returned is the minimum of the value specified by num_entries or the number of OpenCL platforms available.

  • num_platforms - Returns the number of OpenCL platforms available. If num_platforms is NULL, then this argument is ignored.


This function is enabled by the cl_khr_icd extension.


Returns CL_SUCCESS if the function is executed successfully and there are a non zero number of platforms available, else it returns on the errors below:

  • CL_PLATFORM_NOT_FOUND_KHR if zero platforms are available.

  • CL_INVALID_VALUE if num_entries is equal to zero and platforms is not NULL or if both num_platforms and platforms are NULL.

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