The typedef storage-class specifier is supported. The extern and static storage-class specifiers are supported but require support for OpenCL C 1.2 or newer. The auto and register storage-class specifiers are not supported.

The extern storage-class specifier can only be used for functions (kernel and non-kernel functions) and global variables declared in program scope or variables declared inside a function (kernel and non-kernel functions). The static storage-class specifier can only be used for non-kernel functions, global variables declared in program scope and variables inside a function declared in the global or constant address space.


extern constant float4 noise_table[256];
static constant float4 color_table[256];

extern kernel void my_foo(image2d_t img);
extern void my_bar(global float *a);

kernel void my_func(image2d_t img, global float *a)
    extern constant float4 a;
    static constant float4 b = (float4)(1.0f); // OK.
    static float c;  // Error: No implicit address space
    global int hurl; // Error: Must be static
    while (1)
        static global int inside; // OK.

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