OpenGL® 2.1, GLX, and GLU Reference Pages

Use the index at the left to choose any GL, GLU, or GLX reference page for viewing. These pages include all of the important usage information for each command. This information includes a description of all parameters, return values, error conditions, and related commands.

Browser Compatibility

Very old browsers, such as IE8, may not work with parts of this site. Please use modern browsers supporting HTML5 (e.g. IE9 and later).

Some of the reference pages depend on relatively complex math equations. We are using MathML, which is not supported on all browsers. The current OpenGL 4.5 reference pages use different techniques for math rendering, and should work on all modern browsers.

Downloading Man Page Sources

The Docbook source for the reference pages is available from the OpenGL-Refpages github repository.


If you find any inaccuracies or typos in the reference pages, please file an issue (and, preferably, propose a pull request fixing the issue) in the OpenGL-Refpages github repository.