OpenKODE Core extension: KD_ATX_imgdec_png

Name stringsKD_ATX_imgdec_png
ContributorsRussell Wood, Phil Huxley, Elizabeth Wootten, Tim Renouf
ContactsAntix Labs Limited
StatusImplemented by Antix Labs
VersionVersion 5, 2009-02-04
Dependencies Requires OpenKODE Core 1.0 and the ATX_imgdec extension. This extension is written based on the wording of the OpenKODE Core 1.0 specification and version 4 of the ATX_imgdec extension.

1. Overview

This OpenKODE Core extension adds the ability to decode Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images to the ATX_imgdec extension. The ATX_imgdec extension provides the functions to decode the image, and the definitions of what output formats are available. The present ATX_imgdec_png extension defines which output formats are available for the PNG decoder.

2. Header file

When this extension is present, its facilities are accessed by including its header file:

#include <KD/ATX_imgdec_png.h>

This also includes KD/ATX_imgdec.h if that has not already been done.

3. New image file formats

3.1. Portable Network Graphics

This decoder supports decoding of images in Portable Network Graphics format, as defined in [PNG]. The associated file extension, where applicable, is .png.

For an input image of this format, any of the uncompressed output formats may be specified. In particular, KD_IMAGE_FORMAT_COMPRESSED_ATX may not be used.

4. Revision history

4.1. Version 5, 2009-02-04

  • Allocated extension number 11.

4.2. Version 4, 2008-09-16

  • Allocated extension number 9.

4.3. Version 3, 2008-06-20

  • Draft of version prepared to release to OpenKODE WG.


[PNG] Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Specification, version 1.2 .