Khronos SYCL Registry

The SYCL registry contains specifications of SYCL, a single-source C++ programming model for heterogeneous computing.

SYCL Specification

The SYCL 2020 specification is the latest specification.

Providing Feedback

Khronos welcomes comments and bug reports.

For general comments and questions, use the SYCL Forums.

To provide feedback on the SYCL registry itself (such as reporting missing content, bad links, etc.), file an issue and/or create a pull-request in the SYCL-Registry GitHub project. Historian people can also look at the SYCL history there.

For the SYCL specification, open an issue and/or make a pull-request on SYCL-Docs.

For the SYCL conformance test suite, open an issue and/or make a pull-request on SYCL-CTS.