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The type of pfnReallocation is:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
typedef void* (VKAPI_PTR *PFN_vkReallocationFunction)(
    void*                                       pUserData,
    void*                                       pOriginal,
    size_t                                      size,
    size_t                                      alignment,
    VkSystemAllocationScope                     allocationScope);


  • pUserData is the value specified for VkAllocationCallbacks::pUserData in the allocator specified by the application.

  • pOriginal must be either NULL or a pointer previously returned by pfnReallocation or pfnAllocation of a compatible allocator.

  • size is the size in bytes of the requested allocation.

  • alignment is the requested alignment of the allocation in bytes and must be a power of two.

  • allocationScope is a VkSystemAllocationScope value specifying the allocation scope of the lifetime of the allocation, as described here.


If the reallocation was successful, pfnReallocation must return an allocation with enough space for size bytes, and the contents of the original allocation from bytes zero to min(original size, new size) - 1 must be preserved in the returned allocation. If size is larger than the old size, the contents of the additional space are undefined. If satisfying these requirements involves creating a new allocation, then the old allocation should be freed.

If pOriginal is NULL, then pfnReallocation must behave equivalently to a call to PFN_vkAllocationFunction with the same parameter values (without pOriginal).

If size is zero, then pfnReallocation must behave equivalently to a call to PFN_vkFreeFunction with the same pUserData parameter value, and pMemory equal to pOriginal.

If pOriginal is non-NULL, the implementation must ensure that alignment is equal to the alignment used to originally allocate pOriginal.

If this function fails and pOriginal is non-NULL the application must not free the old allocation.

pfnReallocation must follow the same rules for return values as PFN_vkAllocationFunction.

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