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VK_USE_64_BIT_PTR_DEFINES defines whether the default non-dispatchable handles are declared using either a 64-bit pointer type or a 64-bit unsigned integer type.

VK_USE_64_BIT_PTR_DEFINES is set to '1' to use a 64-bit pointer type or any other value to use a 64-bit unsigned integer type.

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0

    #if defined(__LP64__) || defined(_WIN64) || (defined(__x86_64__) && !defined(__ILP32__) ) || defined(_M_X64) || defined(__ia64) || defined (_M_IA64) || defined(__aarch64__) || defined(__powerpc64__) || (defined(__riscv) && __riscv_xlen == 64)
        #define VK_USE_64_BIT_PTR_DEFINES 1
        #define VK_USE_64_BIT_PTR_DEFINES 0



The vulkan_core.h header allows the VK_USE_64_BIT_PTR_DEFINES definition to be overridden by the application. This allows the application to select either a 64-bit pointer type or a 64-bit unsigned integer type for non-dispatchable handles in the case where the predefined preprocessor check does not identify the desired configuration.

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