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Bits which can be set in VkCommandBufferBeginInfo::flags, specifying usage behavior for a command buffer, are:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
typedef enum VkCommandBufferUsageFlagBits {
} VkCommandBufferUsageFlagBits;


  • VK_COMMAND_BUFFER_USAGE_ONE_TIME_SUBMIT_BIT specifies that each recording of the command buffer will only be submitted once, and the command buffer will be reset and recorded again between each submission.

  • VK_COMMAND_BUFFER_USAGE_RENDER_PASS_CONTINUE_BIT specifies that a secondary command buffer is considered to be entirely inside a render pass. If this is a primary command buffer, then this bit is ignored.

  • VK_COMMAND_BUFFER_USAGE_SIMULTANEOUS_USE_BIT specifies that a command buffer can be resubmitted to any queue of the same queue family while it is in the pending state, and recorded into multiple primary command buffers.

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