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Bits which can be set in VkDescriptorSetLayoutCreateInfo::flags, specifying options for descriptor set layout, are:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
typedef enum VkDescriptorSetLayoutCreateFlagBits {
  // Provided by VK_VERSION_1_2
} VkDescriptorSetLayoutCreateFlagBits;


  • VK_DESCRIPTOR_SET_LAYOUT_CREATE_UPDATE_AFTER_BIND_POOL_BIT specifies that descriptor sets using this layout must be allocated from a descriptor pool created with the VK_DESCRIPTOR_POOL_CREATE_UPDATE_AFTER_BIND_BIT bit set. Descriptor set layouts created with this bit set have alternate limits for the maximum number of descriptors per-stage and per-pipeline layout. The non-UpdateAfterBind limits only count descriptors in sets created without this flag. The UpdateAfterBind limits count all descriptors, but the limits may be higher than the non-UpdateAfterBind limits.


All bits for this type are defined by extensions, and none of those extensions are enabled in this build of the specification.

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