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Shader modules contain shader code and one or more entry points. Shaders are selected from a shader module by specifying an entry point as part of pipeline creation. The stages of a pipeline can use shaders that come from different modules. The shader code defining a shader module must be in the SPIR-V format, as described by the Vulkan Environment for SPIR-V appendix.

Shader modules are represented by VkShaderModule handles:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0


Shader modules are not used in Vulkan SC, but the type has been retained for compatibility https://registry.khronos.org/vulkansc/specs/1.0-extensions/html/vkspec.html#SCID-8.

In Vulkan SC, the shader modules and pipeline state are supplied to an offline compiler which creates a pipeline cache entry which is loaded at pipeline creation time.

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