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The prototype for the VkDebugReportCallbackCreateInfoEXT::pfnCallback function implemented by the application is:

// Provided by VK_EXT_debug_report
typedef VkBool32 (VKAPI_PTR *PFN_vkDebugReportCallbackEXT)(
    VkDebugReportFlagsEXT                       flags,
    VkDebugReportObjectTypeEXT                  objectType,
    uint64_t                                    object,
    size_t                                      location,
    int32_t                                     messageCode,
    const char*                                 pLayerPrefix,
    const char*                                 pMessage,
    void*                                       pUserData);


  • flags specifies the VkDebugReportFlagBitsEXT that triggered this callback.

  • objectType is a VkDebugReportObjectTypeEXT value specifying the type of object being used or created at the time the event was triggered.

  • object is the object where the issue was detected. If objectType is VK_DEBUG_REPORT_OBJECT_TYPE_UNKNOWN_EXT, object is undefined.

  • location is a component (layer, driver, loader) defined value specifying the location of the trigger. This is an optional value.

  • messageCode is a layer-defined value indicating what test triggered this callback.

  • pLayerPrefix is a null-terminated string that is an abbreviation of the name of the component making the callback. pLayerPrefix is only valid for the duration of the callback.

  • pMessage is a null-terminated string detailing the trigger conditions. pMessage is only valid for the duration of the callback.

  • pUserData is the user data given when the VkDebugReportCallbackEXT was created.


The callback must not call vkDestroyDebugReportCallbackEXT.

The callback returns a VkBool32, which is interpreted in a layer-specified manner. The application should always return VK_FALSE. The VK_TRUE value is reserved for use in layer development.

object must be a Vulkan object or VK_NULL_HANDLE. If objectType is not VK_DEBUG_REPORT_OBJECT_TYPE_UNKNOWN_EXT and object is not VK_NULL_HANDLE, object must be a Vulkan object of the corresponding type associated with objectType as defined in https://registry.khronos.org/vulkan/specs/1.3-extensions/html/vkspec.html#debug-report-object-types.

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