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  • Pierre Boudier, NVIDIA

  • James Jones, NVIDIA

  • Damien Leone, NVIDIA

  • Pierre-Loup Griffais, Valve

  • Liam Middlebrook, NVIDIA


This is extension, along with related platform extensions, allows applications to take exclusive control of displays associated with a native windowing system. This is especially useful for virtual reality applications that wish to hide HMDs (head mounted displays) from the native platform’s display management system, desktop, and/or other applications.

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1) Should this extension and its related platform-specific extensions leverage VK_KHR_display, or provide separate equivalent interfaces.

RESOLVED: Use VK_KHR_display concepts and objects. VK_KHR_display can be used to enumerate all displays on the system, including those attached to/in use by a window system or native platform, but VK_KHR_display_swapchain will fail to create a swapchain on in-use displays. This extension and its platform-specific children will allow applications to grab in-use displays away from window systems and/or native platforms, allowing them to be used with VK_KHR_display_swapchain.

2) Are separate calls needed to acquire displays and enable direct mode?

RESOLVED: No, these operations happen in one combined command. Acquiring a display puts it into direct mode.

Version History

  • Revision 1, 2016-12-13 (James Jones)

    • Initial draft

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