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  • Matthaeus G. Chajdas, AMD

  • Daniel Rakos, AMD


This extension adds a new query to obtain PCI bus information about a physical device.

Not all physical devices have PCI bus information, either due to the device not being connected to the system through a PCI interface or due to platform specific restrictions and policies. Thus this extension is only expected to be supported by physical devices which can provide the information.

As a consequence, applications should always check for the presence of the extension string for each individual physical device for which they intend to issue the new query for and should not have any assumptions about the availability of the extension on any given platform.

New Structures

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  • Extending VkStructureType:


Version History

  • Revision 2, 2018-12-10 (Daniel Rakos)

    • Changed all members of the new structure to have the uint32_t type

  • Revision 1, 2018-10-11 (Daniel Rakos)

    • Initial revision

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