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VkAccelerationStructureBuildRangeInfoKHR is defined as:

// Provided by VK_KHR_acceleration_structure
typedef struct VkAccelerationStructureBuildRangeInfoKHR {
    uint32_t    primitiveCount;
    uint32_t    primitiveOffset;
    uint32_t    firstVertex;
    uint32_t    transformOffset;
} VkAccelerationStructureBuildRangeInfoKHR;


  • primitiveCount defines the number of primitives for a corresponding acceleration structure geometry.

  • primitiveOffset defines an offset in bytes into the memory where primitive data is defined.

  • firstVertex is the index of the first vertex to build from for triangle geometry.

  • transformOffset defines an offset in bytes into the memory where a transform matrix is defined.


The primitive count and primitive offset are interpreted differently depending on the VkGeometryTypeKHR used:

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