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Acceleration structure motion instances can be built into top-level acceleration structures. Each acceleration structure instance is a separate entry in the top-level acceleration structure which includes all the geometry of a bottom-level acceleration structure at a transformed location including a type of motion and parameters to determine the motion of the instance over time.

An acceleration structure motion instance is defined by the structure:

// Provided by VK_NV_ray_tracing_motion_blur
typedef struct VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV {
    VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceTypeNV     type;
    VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceFlagsNV    flags;
    VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceDataNV     data;
} VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV;




If writing this other than with a standard C compiler, note that the final structure should be 152 bytes in size.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV-type-parameter
    type must be a valid VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceTypeNV value

  • VUID-VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV-flags-zerobitmask
    flags must be 0

  • VUID-VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV-staticInstance-parameter
    If type is VK_ACCELERATION_STRUCTURE_MOTION_INSTANCE_TYPE_STATIC_NV, the staticInstance member of data must be a valid VkAccelerationStructureInstanceKHR structure

  • VUID-VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV-matrixMotionInstance-parameter
    If type is VK_ACCELERATION_STRUCTURE_MOTION_INSTANCE_TYPE_MATRIX_MOTION_NV, the matrixMotionInstance member of data must be a valid VkAccelerationStructureMatrixMotionInstanceNV structure

  • VUID-VkAccelerationStructureMotionInstanceNV-srtMotionInstance-parameter
    If type is VK_ACCELERATION_STRUCTURE_MOTION_INSTANCE_TYPE_SRT_MOTION_NV, the srtMotionInstance member of data must be a valid VkAccelerationStructureSRTMotionInstanceNV structure

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