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The VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_NV_memory_decompression
typedef struct VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV {
    VkDeviceAddress                       srcAddress;
    VkDeviceAddress                       dstAddress;
    VkDeviceSize                          compressedSize;
    VkDeviceSize                          decompressedSize;
    VkMemoryDecompressionMethodFlagsNV    decompressionMethod;
} VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV;


  • srcAddress is the address where compressed data is stored.

  • dstAddress is the destination address where decompressed data will be written.

  • compressedSize is the size of compressed data in bytes.

  • decompressedSize is the size of decompressed data in bytes.

  • decompressionMethod is a bitmask of VkMemoryDecompressionMethodFlagBitsNV with a single bit set specifying the method used to decompress data.


Valid Usage
  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-srcAddress-07685
    The srcAddress must be 4 byte aligned

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-srcAddress-07686
    The memory in range srcAddress and srcAddress + compressedSize must be valid and bound to a VkDeviceMemory object

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-dstAddress-07687
    The dstAddress must be 4 byte aligned

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-decompressionMethod-09395
    If decompressionMethod is VK_MEMORY_DECOMPRESSION_METHOD_GDEFLATE_1_0_BIT_NV, then decompressedSize must be less than or equal to 65536 bytes

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-dstAddress-07688
    The memory in range dstAddress and dstAddress + decompressedSize must be valid and bound to a VkDeviceMemory object

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-decompressedSize-07689
    The decompressedSize must be large enough to hold the decompressed data based on the decompressionMethod

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-decompressionMethod-07690
    The decompressionMethod must have a single bit set

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-srcAddress-07691
    The srcAddress to srcAddress + compressedSize region must not overlap with the dstAddress and dstAddress + decompressedSize region

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-decompressionMethod-parameter
    decompressionMethod must be a valid combination of VkMemoryDecompressionMethodFlagBitsNV values

  • VUID-VkDecompressMemoryRegionNV-decompressionMethod-requiredbitmask
    decompressionMethod must not be 0

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