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The VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV structure provides the state overrides for each shader group. Each shader group behaves like a pipeline that was created from its state as well as the remaining parent’s state. It is defined as:

// Provided by VK_NV_device_generated_commands
typedef struct VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV {
    VkStructureType                                 sType;
    const void*                                     pNext;
    uint32_t                                        stageCount;
    const VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo*          pStages;
    const VkPipelineVertexInputStateCreateInfo*     pVertexInputState;
    const VkPipelineTessellationStateCreateInfo*    pTessellationState;
} VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV;


  • sType is a VkStructureType value identifying this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • stageCount is the number of entries in the pStages array.

  • pStages is a pointer to an array VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo structures specifying the set of the shader stages to be included in this shader group.

  • pVertexInputState is a pointer to a VkPipelineVertexInputStateCreateInfo structure.

  • pTessellationState is a pointer to a VkPipelineTessellationStateCreateInfo structure, and is ignored if the shader group does not include a tessellation control shader stage and tessellation evaluation shader stage.


Valid Usage
  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-stageCount-02888
    For stageCount, the same restrictions as in VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo::stageCount apply

  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-pStages-02889
    For pStages, the same restrictions as in VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo::pStages apply

  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-pVertexInputState-02890
    For pVertexInputState, the same restrictions as in VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo::pVertexInputState apply

  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-pTessellationState-02891
    For pTessellationState, the same restrictions as in VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo::pTessellationState apply

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-sType-sType

  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-pNext-pNext
    pNext must be NULL

  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-pStages-parameter
    pStages must be a valid pointer to an array of stageCount valid VkPipelineShaderStageCreateInfo structures

  • VUID-VkGraphicsShaderGroupCreateInfoNV-stageCount-arraylength
    stageCount must be greater than 0

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