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The VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_FUCHSIA_buffer_collection
typedef struct VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA {
    VkStructureType                         sType;
    const void*                             pNext;
    VkImageCreateInfo                       imageCreateInfo;
    VkFormatFeatureFlags                    requiredFormatFeatures;
    VkImageFormatConstraintsFlagsFUCHSIA    flags;
    uint64_t                                sysmemPixelFormat;
    uint32_t                                colorSpaceCount;
    const VkSysmemColorSpaceFUCHSIA*        pColorSpaces;
} VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA;


  • sType is the type of this structure

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure

  • imageCreateInfo is the VkImageCreateInfo used to create a VkImage that is to use memory from the VkBufferCollectionFUCHSIA

  • requiredFormatFeatures is a bitmask of VkFormatFeatureFlagBits specifying required features of the buffers in the buffer collection

  • flags is reserved for future use

  • sysmemPixelFormat is a PixelFormatType value from the fuchsia.sysmem/image_formats.fidl FIDL interface

  • colorSpaceCount the element count of pColorSpaces

  • pColorSpaces is a pointer to an array of VkSysmemColorSpaceFUCHSIA structs of size colorSpaceCount


Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-sType-sType

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-pNext-pNext
    pNext must be NULL

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-imageCreateInfo-parameter
    imageCreateInfo must be a valid VkImageCreateInfo structure

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-requiredFormatFeatures-parameter
    requiredFormatFeatures must be a valid combination of VkFormatFeatureFlagBits values

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-requiredFormatFeatures-requiredbitmask
    requiredFormatFeatures must not be 0

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-flags-zerobitmask
    flags must be 0

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-pColorSpaces-parameter
    pColorSpaces must be a valid pointer to an array of colorSpaceCount valid VkSysmemColorSpaceFUCHSIA structures

  • VUID-VkImageFormatConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA-colorSpaceCount-arraylength
    colorSpaceCount must be greater than 0

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