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The VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_NV_device_generated_commands
typedef struct VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV {
    VkStructureType                           sType;
    const void*                               pNext;
    VkIndirectCommandsLayoutUsageFlagsNV      flags;
    VkPipelineBindPoint                       pipelineBindPoint;
    uint32_t                                  tokenCount;
    const VkIndirectCommandsLayoutTokenNV*    pTokens;
    uint32_t                                  streamCount;
    const uint32_t*                           pStreamStrides;
} VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV;


  • sType is the type of this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • pipelineBindPoint is the VkPipelineBindPoint that this layout targets.

  • flags is a bitmask of VkIndirectCommandsLayoutUsageFlagBitsNV specifying usage hints of this layout.

  • tokenCount is the length of the individual command sequence.

  • pTokens is an array describing each command token in detail. See VkIndirectCommandsTokenTypeNV and VkIndirectCommandsLayoutTokenNV below for details.

  • streamCount is the number of streams used to provide the token inputs.

  • pStreamStrides is an array defining the byte stride for each input stream.


The following code illustrates some of the flags:

void cmdProcessAllSequences(cmd, pipeline, indirectCommandsLayout, pIndirectCommandsTokens, sequencesCount, indexbuffer, indexbufferOffset)
  for (s = 0; s < sequencesCount; s++)
    sUsed = s;

      sUsed = indexbuffer.load_uint32( sUsed * sizeof(uint32_t) + indexbufferOffset);

      sUsed = incoherent_implementation_dependent_permutation[ sUsed ];

    cmdProcessSequence( cmd, pipeline, indirectCommandsLayout, pIndirectCommandsTokens, sUsed );

When tokens are consumed, an offset is computed based on token offset and stream stride. The resulting offset is required to be aligned. The alignment for a specific token is equal to the scalar alignment of the data type as defined in Alignment Requirements, or VkPhysicalDeviceDeviceGeneratedCommandsPropertiesNV::minIndirectCommandsBufferOffsetAlignment, whichever is lower.


A minIndirectCommandsBufferOffsetAlignment of 4 allows VkDeviceAddress to be packed as uvec2 with scalar layout instead of uint64_t with 8 byte alignment. This enables direct compatibility with D3D12 command signature layouts.

Valid Usage
  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pipelineBindPoint-02930
    The pipelineBindPoint must be VK_PIPELINE_BIND_POINT_GRAPHICS

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-tokenCount-02931
    tokenCount must be greater than 0 and less than or equal to VkPhysicalDeviceDeviceGeneratedCommandsPropertiesNV::maxIndirectCommandsTokenCount

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pTokens-02932
    If pTokens contains an entry of VK_INDIRECT_COMMANDS_TOKEN_TYPE_SHADER_GROUP_NV it must be the first element of the array and there must be only a single element of such token type

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pTokens-02933
    If pTokens contains an entry of VK_INDIRECT_COMMANDS_TOKEN_TYPE_STATE_FLAGS_NV there must be only a single element of such token type

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pTokens-02934

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pTokens-02935
    The content of pTokens must include one single work provoking token that is compatible with the pipelineBindPoint

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-streamCount-02936
    streamCount must be greater than 0 and less or equal to VkPhysicalDeviceDeviceGeneratedCommandsPropertiesNV::maxIndirectCommandsStreamCount

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pStreamStrides-02937
    each element of pStreamStrides must be greater than `0`and less than or equal to VkPhysicalDeviceDeviceGeneratedCommandsPropertiesNV::maxIndirectCommandsStreamStride. Furthermore the alignment of each token input must be ensured

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-sType-sType

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pNext-pNext
    pNext must be NULL

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-flags-parameter
    flags must be a valid combination of VkIndirectCommandsLayoutUsageFlagBitsNV values

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pipelineBindPoint-parameter
    pipelineBindPoint must be a valid VkPipelineBindPoint value

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pTokens-parameter
    pTokens must be a valid pointer to an array of tokenCount valid VkIndirectCommandsLayoutTokenNV structures

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-pStreamStrides-parameter
    pStreamStrides must be a valid pointer to an array of streamCount uint32_t values

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-tokenCount-arraylength
    tokenCount must be greater than 0

  • VUID-VkIndirectCommandsLayoutCreateInfoNV-streamCount-arraylength
    streamCount must be greater than 0

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