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The VkMultiviewPerViewAttributesInfoNVX structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering with VK_NVX_multiview_per_view_attributes
typedef struct VkMultiviewPerViewAttributesInfoNVX {
    VkStructureType    sType;
    const void*        pNext;
    VkBool32           perViewAttributes;
    VkBool32           perViewAttributesPositionXOnly;
} VkMultiviewPerViewAttributesInfoNVX;


  • sType is a VkStructureType value identifying this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • perViewAttributes specifies that shaders compiled for this pipeline write the attributes for all views in a single invocation of each vertex processing stage. All pipelines executed within a render pass instance that includes this bit must write per-view attributes to the *PerViewNV[] shader outputs, in addition to the non-per-view (e.g. Position) outputs.

  • perViewAttributesPositionXOnly specifies that shaders compiled for this pipeline use per-view positions which only differ in value in the x component. Per-view viewport mask can also be used.


When dynamic render pass instances are being used, instead of specifying VK_SUBPASS_DESCRIPTION_PER_VIEW_ATTRIBUTES_BIT_NVX or VK_SUBPASS_DESCRIPTION_PER_VIEW_POSITION_X_ONLY_BIT_NVX in the subpass description flags, the per-attribute properties of the render pass instance must be specified by the VkMultiviewPerViewAttributesInfoNVX structure Include the VkMultiviewPerViewAttributesInfoNVX structure in the pNext chain of VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo when creating a graphics pipeline for dynamic rendering, VkRenderingInfo when starting a dynamic render pass instance, and VkCommandBufferInheritanceInfo when specifying the dynamic render pass instance parameters for secondary command buffers.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkMultiviewPerViewAttributesInfoNVX-sType-sType

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