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Formats which can be set in VkMicromapUsageEXT::format and VkMicromapTriangleEXT::format for micromap builds, are:

// Provided by VK_EXT_opacity_micromap
typedef enum VkOpacityMicromapFormatEXT {
} VkOpacityMicromapFormatEXT;


  • VK_OPACITY_MICROMAP_FORMAT_2_STATE_EXT indicates that the given micromap format has one bit per subtriangle encoding either fully opaque or fully transparent.

  • VK_OPACITY_MICROMAP_FORMAT_4_STATE_EXT indicates that the given micromap format has two bits per subtriangle encoding four modes which can be interpreted as described in ray traversal.


For compactness, these values are stored as 16-bit in some structures.

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