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Bits which can be set in VkOpticalFlowExecuteInfoNV::flags, controlling optical flow execution, are:

// Provided by VK_NV_optical_flow
typedef enum VkOpticalFlowExecuteFlagBitsNV {
} VkOpticalFlowExecuteFlagBitsNV;


  • VK_OPTICAL_FLOW_EXECUTE_DISABLE_TEMPORAL_HINTS_BIT_NV specifies that temporal hints from previously generated flow vectors are not used. If temporal hints are enabled, optical flow vectors from previous vkCmdOpticalFlowExecuteNV call are automatically used as hints for the current vkCmdOpticalFlowExecuteNV call, to take advantage of temporal correlation in a video sequence. Temporal hints should be disabled if there is a-priori knowledge of no temporal correlation (e.g. a scene change, independent successive frame pairs).

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