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The VkPerformanceCounterResultKHR union is defined as:

// Provided by VK_KHR_performance_query
typedef union VkPerformanceCounterResultKHR {
    int32_t     int32;
    int64_t     int64;
    uint32_t    uint32;
    uint64_t    uint64;
    float       float32;
    double      float64;
} VkPerformanceCounterResultKHR;


  • int32 is a 32-bit signed integer value.

  • int64 is a 64-bit signed integer value.

  • uint32 is a 32-bit unsigned integer value.

  • uint64 is a 64-bit unsigned integer value.

  • float32 is a 32-bit floating-point value.

  • float64 is a 64-bit floating-point value.


Performance query results are returned in an array of VkPerformanceCounterResultKHR unions containing the data associated with each counter in the query, stored in the same order as the counters supplied in pCounterIndices when creating the performance query. The VkPerformanceCounterKHR::unit enumeration specifies how to parse the counter data.

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