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Possible values of the VkPipelineRasterizationStateCreateInfo::polygonMode property of the currently active pipeline, specifying the method of rasterization for polygons, are:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
typedef enum VkPolygonMode {
  // Provided by VK_NV_fill_rectangle
} VkPolygonMode;


  • VK_POLYGON_MODE_POINT specifies that polygon vertices are drawn as points.

  • VK_POLYGON_MODE_LINE specifies that polygon edges are drawn as line segments.

  • VK_POLYGON_MODE_FILL specifies that polygons are rendered using the polygon rasterization rules in this section.

  • VK_POLYGON_MODE_FILL_RECTANGLE_NV specifies that polygons are rendered using polygon rasterization rules, modified to consider a sample within the primitive if the sample location is inside the axis-aligned bounding box of the triangle after projection. Note that the barycentric weights used in attribute interpolation can extend outside the range [0,1] when these primitives are shaded. Special treatment is given to a sample position on the boundary edge of the bounding box. In such a case, if two rectangles lie on either side of a common edge (with identical endpoints) on which a sample position lies, then exactly one of the triangles must produce a fragment that covers that sample during rasterization.

    Polygons rendered in VK_POLYGON_MODE_FILL_RECTANGLE_NV mode may be clipped by the frustum or by user clip planes. If clipping is applied, the triangle is culled rather than clipped.

    Area calculation and facingness are determined for VK_POLYGON_MODE_FILL_RECTANGLE_NV mode using the triangle’s vertices.

These modes affect only the final rasterization of polygons: in particular, a polygon’s vertices are shaded and the polygon is clipped and possibly culled before these modes are applied.

If VkPhysicalDeviceMaintenance5PropertiesKHR::polygonModePointSize is set to VK_TRUE, the point size of the final rasterization of polygons is taken from PointSize when polygon mode is VK_POLYGON_MODE_POINT.

Otherwise, if VkPhysicalDeviceMaintenance5PropertiesKHR::polygonModePointSize is set to VK_FALSE, the point size of the final rasterization of polygons is 1.0 when polygon mode is VK_POLYGON_MODE_POINT.

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