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The VkSparseImageMemoryRequirements structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
typedef struct VkSparseImageMemoryRequirements {
    VkSparseImageFormatProperties    formatProperties;
    uint32_t                         imageMipTailFirstLod;
    VkDeviceSize                     imageMipTailSize;
    VkDeviceSize                     imageMipTailOffset;
    VkDeviceSize                     imageMipTailStride;
} VkSparseImageMemoryRequirements;


  • formatProperties is a VkSparseImageFormatProperties structure specifying properties of the image format.

  • imageMipTailFirstLod is the first mip level at which image subresources are included in the mip tail region.

  • imageMipTailSize is the memory size (in bytes) of the mip tail region. If formatProperties.flags contains VK_SPARSE_IMAGE_FORMAT_SINGLE_MIPTAIL_BIT, this is the size of the whole mip tail, otherwise this is the size of the mip tail of a single array layer. This value is guaranteed to be a multiple of the sparse block size in bytes.

  • imageMipTailOffset is the opaque memory offset used with VkSparseImageOpaqueMemoryBindInfo to bind the mip tail region(s).

  • imageMipTailStride is the offset stride between each array-layer’s mip tail, if formatProperties.flags does not contain VK_SPARSE_IMAGE_FORMAT_SINGLE_MIPTAIL_BIT (otherwise the value is undefined).


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