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Bits which may be set in VkVideoDecodeCapabilitiesKHR::flags, indicating the decoding capabilities supported, are:

// Provided by VK_KHR_video_decode_queue
typedef enum VkVideoDecodeCapabilityFlagBitsKHR {
} VkVideoDecodeCapabilityFlagBitsKHR;


Implementations are only required to support one of VK_VIDEO_DECODE_CAPABILITY_DPB_AND_OUTPUT_COINCIDE_BIT_KHR and VK_VIDEO_DECODE_CAPABILITY_DPB_AND_OUTPUT_DISTINCT_BIT_KHR. Accordingly, applications should handle both cases to maximize portability.


If both VK_VIDEO_DECODE_CAPABILITY_DPB_AND_OUTPUT_COINCIDE_BIT_KHR and VK_VIDEO_DECODE_CAPABILITY_DPB_AND_OUTPUT_DISTINCT_BIT_KHR are supported, an application can choose to create separate images for decode DPB and decode output. E.g. in cases when linear tiling is preferred (and supported) for the decode output picture and the DPB requires optimal tiling, this avoids the need for a separate copy at the expense of additional memory bandwidth requirements during decoding.

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