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Bits which may be set in VkVideoEncodeCapabilitiesKHR::flags, indicating the encoding tools supported, are:

// Provided by VK_KHR_video_encode_queue
typedef enum VkVideoEncodeCapabilityFlagBitsKHR {
} VkVideoEncodeCapabilityFlagBitsKHR;


  • VK_VIDEO_ENCODE_CAPABILITY_PRECEDING_EXTERNALLY_ENCODED_BYTES_BIT_KHR indicates that the implementation supports the use of VkVideoEncodeInfoKHR::precedingExternallyEncodedBytes.

  • VK_VIDEO_ENCODE_CAPABILITY_INSUFFICIENT_BITSTREAM_BUFFER_RANGE_DETECTION_BIT_KHR indicates that the implementation is able to detect and report when the destination video bitstream buffer range provided by the application is not sufficiently large to fit the encoded bitstream data produced by a video encode operation by reporting the VK_QUERY_RESULT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_BITSTREAM_BUFFER_RANGE_KHR query result status code.


    Some implementations may not be able to reliably detect insufficient bitstream buffer range conditions in all situations. Such implementations will not report support for the VK_VIDEO_ENCODE_CAPABILITY_INSUFFICIENT_BITSTREAM_BUFFER_RANGE_DETECTION_BIT_KHR encode capability flag for the video profile, but may still report the VK_QUERY_RESULT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_BITSTREAM_BUFFER_RANGE_KHR query result status code in certain cases. Applications should always check for the specific query result status code VK_QUERY_RESULT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_BITSTREAM_BUFFER_RANGE_KHR even when this encode capability flag is not supported by the implementation for the video profile in question. However, applications must not assume that a different negative query result status code indicating an unsuccessful completion of a video encode operation is not the result of an insufficient bitstream buffer condition unless this encode capability flag is supported.

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