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The VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR structure is defined as:

// Provided by VK_KHR_video_encode_queue
typedef struct VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR {
    VkStructureType                                sType;
    const void*                                    pNext;
    VkVideoEncodeRateControlFlagsKHR               flags;
    VkVideoEncodeRateControlModeFlagBitsKHR        rateControlMode;
    uint8_t                                        layerCount;
    const VkVideoEncodeRateControlLayerInfoKHR*    pLayerConfigs;
} VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR;


  • sType is the type of this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • flags is a bitmask of VkVideoEncodeRateControlFlagBitsKHR specifying encode rate control flags.

  • rateControlMode is a VkVideoEncodeRateControlModeFlagBitsKHR value specifying the encode stream rate control mode.

  • layerCount specifies the number of rate control layers in the video encode stream.

  • pLayerConfigs is a pointer to an array of VkVideoEncodeRateControlLayerInfoKHR structures specifying the rate control configurations of layerCount rate control layers.


In order to provide video encode stream rate control settings, add a VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR structure to the pNext chain of the VkVideoCodingControlInfoKHR structure passed to the vkCmdControlVideoCodingKHR command.

A codec-specific extension structure for further encode stream rate control parameter settings may be chained to VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR.

To ensure that the video session is properly initialized with stream-level rate control settings, the application must call vkCmdControlVideoCodingKHR with stream-level rate control settings at least once in execution order before the first vkCmdEncodeVideoKHR command that is executed after video session reset. If not provided, default implementation-specific stream rate control settings will be used.

Stream rate control settings can also be re-initialized during an active video encoding session. The re-initialization takes effect whenever the VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR structure is included in the pNext chain of the VkVideoCodingControlInfoKHR structure in the call to vkCmdControlVideoCodingKHR, and only impacts vkCmdEncodeVideoKHR operations that follow in execution order.

Valid Usage
Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR-sType-sType

  • VUID-VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR-rateControlMode-parameter
    rateControlMode must be a valid VkVideoEncodeRateControlModeFlagBitsKHR value

  • VUID-VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR-pLayerConfigs-parameter
    pLayerConfigs must be a valid pointer to an array of layerCount valid VkVideoEncodeRateControlLayerInfoKHR structures

  • VUID-VkVideoEncodeRateControlInfoKHR-layerCount-arraylength
    layerCount must be greater than 0

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