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To bind descriptor buffers to a command buffer, call:

// Provided by VK_EXT_descriptor_buffer
void vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT(
    VkCommandBuffer                             commandBuffer,
    uint32_t                                    bufferCount,
    const VkDescriptorBufferBindingInfoEXT*     pBindingInfos);


  • commandBuffer is the command buffer that the descriptor buffers will be bound to.

  • bufferCount is the number of elements in the pBindingInfos array.

  • pBindingInfos is a pointer to an array of VkDescriptorBufferBindingInfoEXT structures.


vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT causes any offsets previously set by vkCmdSetDescriptorBufferOffsetsEXT that use the bindings numbered [0.. bufferCount-1] to be no longer valid for subsequent bound pipeline commands. Any previously bound buffers at binding points greater than or equal to bufferCount are unbound.

Valid Usage
  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-None-08047
    The descriptorBuffer feature must be enabled

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-maxSamplerDescriptorBufferBindings-08048
    There must be no more than VkPhysicalDeviceDescriptorBufferPropertiesEXT::maxSamplerDescriptorBufferBindings descriptor buffers containing sampler descriptor data bound

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-maxResourceDescriptorBufferBindings-08049
    There must be no more than VkPhysicalDeviceDescriptorBufferPropertiesEXT::maxResourceDescriptorBufferBindings descriptor buffers containing resource descriptor data bound

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-None-08050
    There must be no more than 1 descriptor buffer bound that was created with the VK_BUFFER_USAGE_PUSH_DESCRIPTORS_DESCRIPTOR_BUFFER_BIT_EXT bit set

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-bufferCount-08051
    bufferCount must be less than or equal to VkPhysicalDeviceDescriptorBufferPropertiesEXT::maxDescriptorBufferBindings

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-pBindingInfos-08052
    For any element of pBindingInfos, if the buffer from which address was queried is non-sparse then it must be bound completely and contiguously to a single VkDeviceMemory object

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-pBindingInfos-08053
    For any element of pBindingInfos, the buffer from which address was queried must have been created with the VK_BUFFER_USAGE_SAMPLER_DESCRIPTOR_BUFFER_BIT_EXT bit set if it contains sampler descriptor data

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-pBindingInfos-08054
    For any element of pBindingInfos, the buffer from which address was queried must have been created with the VK_BUFFER_USAGE_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR_BUFFER_BIT_EXT bit set if it contains resource descriptor data

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-pBindingInfos-08055
    For any element of pBindingInfos, usage must match the buffer from which address was queried

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-commandBuffer-parameter
    commandBuffer must be a valid VkCommandBuffer handle

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-pBindingInfos-parameter
    pBindingInfos must be a valid pointer to an array of bufferCount valid VkDescriptorBufferBindingInfoEXT structures

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-commandBuffer-recording
    commandBuffer must be in the recording state

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-commandBuffer-cmdpool
    The VkCommandPool that commandBuffer was allocated from must support graphics, or compute operations

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-videocoding
    This command must only be called outside of a video coding scope

  • VUID-vkCmdBindDescriptorBuffersEXT-bufferCount-arraylength
    bufferCount must be greater than 0

Host Synchronization
  • Host access to commandBuffer must be externally synchronized

  • Host access to the VkCommandPool that commandBuffer was allocated from must be externally synchronized

Command Properties
Command Buffer Levels Render Pass Scope Video Coding Scope Supported Queue Types Command Type






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