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To dynamically set the order of coverage samples in fragments larger than one pixel, call:

// Provided by VK_NV_shading_rate_image
void vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV(
    VkCommandBuffer                             commandBuffer,
    VkCoarseSampleOrderTypeNV                   sampleOrderType,
    uint32_t                                    customSampleOrderCount,
    const VkCoarseSampleOrderCustomNV*          pCustomSampleOrders);


  • commandBuffer is the command buffer into which the command will be recorded.

  • sampleOrderType specifies the mechanism used to order coverage samples in fragments larger than one pixel.

  • customSampleOrderCount specifies the number of custom sample orderings to use when ordering coverage samples.

  • pCustomSampleOrders is a pointer to an array of VkCoarseSampleOrderCustomNV structures, each structure specifying the coverage sample order for a single combination of fragment area and coverage sample count.


If sampleOrderType is VK_COARSE_SAMPLE_ORDER_TYPE_CUSTOM_NV, the coverage sample order used for any combination of fragment area and coverage sample count not enumerated in pCustomSampleOrders will be identical to that used for VK_COARSE_SAMPLE_ORDER_TYPE_DEFAULT_NV.

This command sets the order of coverage samples for subsequent drawing commands when drawing using shader objects, or when the graphics pipeline is created with VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_VIEWPORT_COARSE_SAMPLE_ORDER_NV set in VkPipelineDynamicStateCreateInfo::pDynamicStates. Otherwise, this state is specified by the VkPipelineViewportCoarseSampleOrderStateCreateInfoNV values used to create the currently active pipeline.

Valid Usage
  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-sampleOrderType-02081
    If sampleOrderType is not VK_COARSE_SAMPLE_ORDER_TYPE_CUSTOM_NV, customSamplerOrderCount must be 0

  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-pCustomSampleOrders-02235
    The array pCustomSampleOrders must not contain two structures with matching values for both the shadingRate and sampleCount members

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-commandBuffer-parameter
    commandBuffer must be a valid VkCommandBuffer handle

  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-sampleOrderType-parameter
    sampleOrderType must be a valid VkCoarseSampleOrderTypeNV value

  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-pCustomSampleOrders-parameter
    If customSampleOrderCount is not 0, pCustomSampleOrders must be a valid pointer to an array of customSampleOrderCount valid VkCoarseSampleOrderCustomNV structures

  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-commandBuffer-recording
    commandBuffer must be in the recording state

  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-commandBuffer-cmdpool
    The VkCommandPool that commandBuffer was allocated from must support graphics operations

  • VUID-vkCmdSetCoarseSampleOrderNV-videocoding
    This command must only be called outside of a video coding scope

Host Synchronization
  • Host access to commandBuffer must be externally synchronized

  • Host access to the VkCommandPool that commandBuffer was allocated from must be externally synchronized

Command Properties
Command Buffer Levels Render Pass Scope Video Coding Scope Supported Queue Types Command Type






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