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Applications that wish to present directly to a display must select which layer, or “plane” of the display they wish to target, and a mode to use with the display. Each display supports at least one plane. The capabilities of a given mode and plane combination are determined by calling:

// Provided by VK_KHR_display
VkResult vkGetDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR(
    VkPhysicalDevice                            physicalDevice,
    VkDisplayModeKHR                            mode,
    uint32_t                                    planeIndex,
    VkDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR*              pCapabilities);


  • physicalDevice is the physical device associated with the display specified by mode

  • mode is the display mode the application intends to program when using the specified plane. Note this parameter also implicitly specifies a display.

  • planeIndex is the plane which the application intends to use with the display, and is less than the number of display planes supported by the device.

  • pCapabilities is a pointer to a VkDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR structure in which the capabilities are returned.


Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-vkGetDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR-physicalDevice-parameter
    physicalDevice must be a valid VkPhysicalDevice handle

  • VUID-vkGetDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR-mode-parameter
    mode must be a valid VkDisplayModeKHR handle

  • VUID-vkGetDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR-pCapabilities-parameter
    pCapabilities must be a valid pointer to a VkDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR structure

  • VUID-vkGetDisplayPlaneCapabilitiesKHR-mode-parent
    mode must have been created, allocated, or retrieved from physicalDevice

Host Synchronization
  • Host access to mode must be externally synchronized

Return Codes
On success, this command returns

On failure, this command returns


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