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To query additional capabilities specific to image types, call:

// Provided by VK_VERSION_1_0
VkResult vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties(
    VkPhysicalDevice                            physicalDevice,
    VkFormat                                    format,
    VkImageType                                 type,
    VkImageTiling                               tiling,
    VkImageUsageFlags                           usage,
    VkImageCreateFlags                          flags,
    VkImageFormatProperties*                    pImageFormatProperties);



The format, type, tiling, usage, and flags parameters correspond to parameters that would be consumed by vkCreateImage (as members of VkImageCreateInfo).

If format is not a supported image format, or if the combination of format, type, tiling, usage, and flags is not supported for images, then vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties returns VK_ERROR_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED.

The limitations on an image format that are reported by vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties have the following property: if usage1 and usage2 of type VkImageUsageFlags are such that the bits set in usage1 are a subset of the bits set in usage2, and flags1 and flags2 of type VkImageCreateFlags are such that the bits set in flags1 are a subset of the bits set in flags2, then the limitations for usage1 and flags1 must be no more strict than the limitations for usage2 and flags2, for all values of format, type, and tiling.

If VK_EXT_host_image_copy is supported, usage includes VK_IMAGE_USAGE_SAMPLED_BIT, and flags does not include either of VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_BINDING_BIT, VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_RESIDENCY_BIT, or VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_ALIASED_BIT, then the result of calls to vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties with identical parameters except for the inclusion of VK_IMAGE_USAGE_HOST_TRANSFER_BIT_EXT in usage must be identical.

Valid Usage
Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-physicalDevice-parameter
    physicalDevice must be a valid VkPhysicalDevice handle

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-format-parameter
    format must be a valid VkFormat value

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-type-parameter
    type must be a valid VkImageType value

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-tiling-parameter
    tiling must be a valid VkImageTiling value

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-usage-parameter
    usage must be a valid combination of VkImageUsageFlagBits values

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-usage-requiredbitmask
    usage must not be 0

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-flags-parameter
    flags must be a valid combination of VkImageCreateFlagBits values

  • VUID-vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties-pImageFormatProperties-parameter
    pImageFormatProperties must be a valid pointer to a VkImageFormatProperties structure

Return Codes
On success, this command returns

On failure, this command returns



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