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Setting the constraints on the buffer collection initiates the format negotiation and allocation of the buffer collection. To set the constraints on a VkImage buffer collection, call:

// Provided by VK_FUCHSIA_buffer_collection
VkResult vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA(
    VkDevice                                    device,
    VkBufferCollectionFUCHSIA                   collection,
    const VkImageConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA*        pImageConstraintsInfo);



vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA may fail if pImageConstraintsInfo::formatConstraintsCount is larger than the implementation-defined limit. If that occurs, vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA will return VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED.

vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA may fail if the implementation does not support any of the formats described by the pImageConstraintsInfo structure. If that occurs, vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA will return VK_ERROR_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED.

Valid Usage
  • VUID-vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA-collection-06394
    vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA or vkSetBufferCollectionBufferConstraintsFUCHSIA must not have already been called on collection

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA-device-parameter
    device must be a valid VkDevice handle

  • VUID-vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA-collection-parameter
    collection must be a valid VkBufferCollectionFUCHSIA handle

  • VUID-vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA-pImageConstraintsInfo-parameter
    pImageConstraintsInfo must be a valid pointer to a valid VkImageConstraintsInfoFUCHSIA structure

  • VUID-vkSetBufferCollectionImageConstraintsFUCHSIA-collection-parent
    collection must have been created, allocated, or retrieved from device

Return Codes
On success, this command returns

On failure, this command returns



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