Khronos OpenKODE Registry

The OpenKODE Registry contains specifications of the core API and headers, optional OpenKODE extensions and headers, points to other Khronos APIs required by a conformant OpenKODE implementation, and includes some related documentation.

OpenKODE Core API Specification and Headers

The current version of OpenKODE is OpenKODE 1.0.3. The specification package was released on May 20, 2009.

Archived Specifications

OpenKODE 1.0.2 was updated on February 23, 2009.

OpenKODE 1.0.1 was released on June 16, 2008.

OpenKODE 1.0 was released on February 11, 2008:

Prior to OpenKODE 1.0 being released, two Provisional versions of the specification and header files were made available for public feedback. These versions are retained here for archival purposes, but are superseded by OpenKODE 1.0. All implementations of OpenKODE should use released versions (1.0.1 or 1.0) of the Specification and headers.

The OpenKODE 1.0 Provisional (Revision 2) specification package was released in January, 2008:

The OpenKODE 1.0 Provisional (Revision 1) specification package was released in April 2007.

Related APIs

OpenKODE includes by reference a number of other Khronos APIs, listed below.

See the Developer Pages and the Khronos Registry for additional material, including headers for EGL, OpenGL ES, OpenVG, and other Khronos APIs.

Enumerant Registry

The database from which OpenKODE enumerant ranges are reserved is called kodeenum.txt.

Extension Specifications
  1. KD_KHR_perfcounter (KHR_perfcounter.h)
  2. KD_KHR_float64 (KHR_float64.h)
  3. KD_KHR_formatted (KHR_formatted.h)
  4. KD_KHR_thread_storage (KHR_thread_storage.h)
  5. KD_ATX_socktype
  6. KD_ATX_bluetooth (ATX_bluetooth.h)
  7. KD_ATX_imgdec (ATX_imgdec.h)
  8. KD_ATX_imgdec_png (ATX_imgdec_png.h)
  9. KD_ATX_imgdec_jpeg (ATX_imgdec_jpeg.h)
  10. KD_ATX_imgdec_pvr (ATX_imgdec_pvr.h)
  11. KD_ATX_dxtcomp (ATX_dxtcomp.h)
  12. KD_ACR_secure_storage
  13. KD_ACR_system_font
Providing Feedback on the Registry

Khronos welcomes comments and bug reports. To provide feedback on the OpenKODE registry itself (such as reporting missing content, bad links, etc.), file an issue in the OpenKODE-Registry Github project.

Since OpenKODE is no longer actively developed by Khronos, we no longer provide a way to file reports on the API itself.