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Export and Import Extension to OpenVX 1.1


Provide a way of exporting and importing pre-verified graphs or other objects, in vendor-specific formats.

Use Case

  • Embedded systems using fixed graphs, to minimise the amount of code required.
  • Safety-critical systems where the OpenVX library does not have a node API.
  • CNN extensions which require the ability to import binary objects.


This specification would not be possible without the contributions from this partial list of the following individuals from the Khronos Working Group and the companies that they represented at the time:

  • Radhakrishna Giduthuri - AMD
  • Frank Brill - Cadence Design Systems
  • Thierry Lepley - Cadence Design Systems
  • Steve Ramm - Imagination Technologies
  • Tomer Schwartz - Intel
  • Jesse Villareal - Texas Instruments, Inc.