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The XrActiveActionSet structure is defined as:

typedef struct XrActiveActionSet {
    XrActionSet    actionSet;
    XrPath         subactionPath;
} XrActiveActionSet;


Member Descriptions
  • actionSet is the handle of the action set to activate.

  • subactionPath is a subaction path that was declared when one or more actions in the action set was created or XR_NULL_PATH. If the application wants to activate the action set on more than one subaction path, it can include additional XrActiveActionSet structs with the other subactionPath values. Using XR_NULL_PATH as the value for subactionPath, acts as a wildcard for all subaction paths on the actions in the action set. If the subaction path was not specified on any of the actions in the actionSet when that action was created, the runtime must return XR_ERROR_PATH_UNSUPPORTED.


This structure defines a single active action set and subaction path combination. Applications can provide a list of these structures to the xrSyncActions function.

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