C Specification

The XrEventDataEventsLost structure is defined as:

// Provided by XR_VERSION_1_0
typedef struct XrEventDataEventsLost {
    XrStructureType    type;
    const void*        next;
    uint32_t           lostEventCount;
} XrEventDataEventsLost;


Member Descriptions
  • type is the XrStructureType of this structure.

  • next is NULL or a pointer to the next structure in a structure chain. No such structures are defined in core OpenXR.

  • lostEventCount is the number of events which have overflowed since the last call to xrPollEvent.


Receiving the XrEventDataEventsLost event structure indicates that the event queue overflowed and some events were removed at the position within the queue at which this event was found.

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