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XrHandJointLocationEXT structure describes the position, orientation, and radius of a hand joint.

// Provided by XR_EXT_hand_tracking
typedef struct XrHandJointLocationEXT {
    XrSpaceLocationFlags    locationFlags;
    XrPosef                 pose;
    float                   radius;
} XrHandJointLocationEXT;


Member Descriptions
  • locationFlags is a bitfield, with bit masks defined in XrSpaceLocationFlagBits, to indicate which members contain valid data. If none of the bits are set, no other fields in this structure should be considered to be valid or meaningful.

  • pose is an XrPosef defining the position and orientation of the origin of a hand joint within the reference frame of the corresponding XrHandJointsLocateInfoEXT::baseSpace.

  • radius is a float value radius of the corresponding joint in units of meters.


If the returned locationFlags has XR_SPACE_LOCATION_POSITION_VALID_BIT set, the returned radius must be a positive value.

If the returned locationFlags has XR_SPACE_LOCATION_POSITION_VALID_BIT unset, the returned radius value is undefined and should be avoided.

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