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An application can pass one or more bounding volumes when calling xrComputeNewSceneMSFT. These bounding volumes are used to determine which scene components to include in the resulting scene. Scene components that intersect one or more of the bounding volumes should be included, and all other scene components should be excluded. If an application inputs no bounding volumes, then the runtime must not associate any scene components with the resulting XrSceneMSFT handle.

// Provided by XR_MSFT_scene_understanding
typedef struct XrSceneBoundsMSFT {
    XrSpace                               space;
    XrTime                                time;
    uint32_t                              sphereCount;
    const XrSceneSphereBoundMSFT*         spheres;
    uint32_t                              boxCount;
    const XrSceneOrientedBoxBoundMSFT*    boxes;
    uint32_t                              frustumCount;
    const XrSceneFrustumBoundMSFT*        frustums;
} XrSceneBoundsMSFT;


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